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Top things you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone

It is estimated that we only use some 10% of our consumer electronics’ capability. Currently, devices such as iPhones and Android have become extremely
popular. However, most users can concur that iOS devices offer a lot more hidden and interesting features under its polished surface.
These are the top things you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone to exploit: 

1. Play online casino
With millions and millions of people owning mobile devices that have web capabilities, mobile casino gambling’s popularity has increased. For iPhone users,
there is no shortage of these games to choose from. Arguably, iPhone is currently the most popular mobile device. This is why most mobile casinos have
ensured compatibility with most iPhone versions such as casinotips that we recommend you to check if you want more information on online casinos and are new to the industry. For the experts out there, visit and get the most of slot machines!

2. Track your previous movements
Your iPhone has the capability to show you all the places you have been. Simply follow these steps:
•Location services
•System services
•Scroll down then select Frequent locations

3. Turn your ebooks into audio books
The Speak screen feature can read aloud any text display on the screen when you command it. Simply use two fingers to swipe down from the screen top.
Originally, it was designed for the seeing impaired. To activate it, simply go to:
•Finally, activate speech screen

4. The 3D touch
This hidden feature is mostly available in most recent models such as the 2015 and 2016 models. By using the 3D touch, you can get more done in a very short
time. Press down on the notifications/app icon for you to see some shortcut lists to use. Features such as replying to an iMessage is available even when your
icon is locked. 

5. Record Phone calls
Recording a phone call can be a great idea to many users. TapeACall app is an application that you can use to record either calls you are on, or about to make.
You can subscribe it annually for $7.99. Simply follow these steps:
•Open the app
•Tap the big red button
•Tap add call
•Select/dial a number from your contacts
•When you are done with your call, hang up. Your recording will automatically download from this app’s servers

6. Find battery draining apps
Simply go to settings then battery: this will automatically show you the battery draining apps on your device.

7. Save battery
At times you just need to run the basic features on your phone because you are running low on power. Simply go to:

8. Recover your lost phone
iPhones have the Find My iPhone feature that enables you easily locate your lost device. You can track your iPhone on a map using this feature. To activate it,
go to:
•Apple ID

9. Use your earphones to launch the music app
If you have a habit of listening to music on a daily basis, the music app will automatically launch when your earphones are plugged in.

10. Shake your phone to undo typing
At times you can mess up while typing, want to delete a text, or you accidentally delete a text you were writing. Simply shake your phone to activate the “Undo
Typing” option.

Online Apple Casino Apps – New Technology Trend For Apple

Which Apple products can you use to play online casino? Worry no more since iPhone’s apple store has a number of free slot games and games available.
You will be delighted to know that you can also play for real money using your iPhone with some of the best online casinos available these days! How? Simply check and learn more about the casinos and their free casino  games.
Why should you be gaming using your iPhone?
The following are the three reasons why you should be playing casino games on your iPhone:
Your iPhone has a smooth touch-screen interface which will give you an enjoyable experience while gaming.
Apple store has the best online casino apps. This gives the best winning chances and exciting graphics which will make you earn real cash. If you’re from the UK check out winner circle.
Using your iPhone you can game anytime and anywhere you want.
Online casino apps for the iPhone
The following is a list of the most popular casino apps where one can play and earn real money:
1. Major Millions
This is one of the oldest and most popular online progressive jackpot games.
With a simplified gameplay and a very attractive jackpot, this is one of the most popular slots of its kind currently.
2. Mega Moolah
This action-packed slot which is turning people into millionaires has made its way to your mobile apps. You can either choose to play for free or earn real cash
on your iPhone device.
It is a progressive five reel jackpot slot with more than 20 pay lines. Mega Moolah has four progressive jackpots in the slot games which includes the following:
– Mini
– Major
– Minor
– Mega.
Remember, the more you wager the higher the chances you have of winning from one of the four progressive jackpots.
The app comes with a free spin game bonus where you can run to when three or more scatter symbols appear on your slot board.
Stand a chance to become the newest millionaire in town by passing time and having fun playing the Mega Moolah on your iPhone. This is the slovakian equivalent.
3. Royal Derby
This is a simulation of horse races where one can place bets. One can do so using information available on the jockeys and horses.
This is an addictive casino game which gives you a chance to win real money while having fun.
You will notice that the first screen contains useful information like the weather and the state of the track. Also, it contains the odds together with each winning
horse’s payout.
4. Tomb Raider
Many lovers of the tomb raider have been playing the game on their iphones devices using this app.
Just as you remember it, the game comes complete with drivable vehicles. This includes boats and ATVs.

5. Mermaid’s Millions
It is a themed slot gaming app developed by Microgaming software developer. The app has five reels, free spins, and bonuses.
Mermaid Million’s is an entertaining and simple game. Beginners will get no difficulty starting to play this game.
Benefits of playing iPhone casino games
iPhone casino has got your back covered. You will play and real earn real money and get protected while doing so. The following are some of the benefits of
playing online iPhone casino games:
– Security
Your security while online is paramount. The above iPhone casino apps have been verified to ensure you remain secure.
– Speedy payouts
iPhone casinos ensure you receive your payouts in a timely manner.
– Mobility
Using your iPhone mobile device, you can game almost everywhere. You can game right from the comfort of your living room or during that long, boring train
– Customer support
With customer support working round the clock, any issues or problems can get resolved quickly and efficiently.
– Amazing bonuses
Right from the start enjoy bonuses and boosted bankrolls. If you’re looking for a french version click here.

Fun Online

When you are looking to get online be and have all kinds of fun with your friends, you may want to consider looking at joining a Mac gaming site and playing together online at any of the variety of games that are available for you to use and play while you are there. There are many different options and places for you to go and play. There are also many different games that you can play as well as a wide variety of styles for you to look at to see what it is that you are trying to get into.

Since you and your friends in all likelihood share a lot of the same interests, being able to find a game that you all can agree on and play together should be easy to accomplish. This is of course as long as all of you are able to get online and in the same room together in order to play together.

Trying Out The Latest Mac Games

Some of the best games that you can play or join in are not necessarily those that you will get or use on your gaming system. Some of the best games that you will find and play are those for your Mac. These are the games that you are able to either buy at a store or that you can download. There are a number of different options for you to use and try in order to be able to find all of the games that you want to play. These games can range from something as simple as a desktop puzzle, to an online casino in which you will need to download software to be able to play the game. Some of the highest rated games that you will be able to play are those that are available to get for free online.

Playing For Fun Online

There is a great deal of different games that one can play and enjoy when they are looking at the options that they can use on their Mac. Many of the different games that one can play involve working in a group of other players online and that they will be able to interact with while they are online. Because of all of the options and the different types of games that one can play game online (at online casino like Captain Cooks Casino)with these groups tone is able to find a group that they will be able to join with the same interests in games as them. For example there are multiple versions and styles of games that are role-playing or there are those are known as first person shooter.

Either way you will be playing games of strategy that will involve the reliance on other people to be able to accomplish.

Why Play On Your Mac

There are many reasons why someone would go and play a game on their Mac as opposed to playing a game on a gaming system. Such reasons could be that there are more options and abilities to play different versions much easier when you are on the computer as opposed to simply playing a game on a system. It in many cases is also easier to find the best games online as opposed to buying as game for around $50 only to find out you do not like it. With many of the games that you are able to play on your Mac, they will offer a trial version online so as to give you a feel for the game and to better hook you into buying it. If you are able to try it and like it, you will then be more likely to buy the game and continue to play. By doing this, it will lead to in all likelihood, you buying expansions as well as upgrades to continue playing the game especially if it is one you truly enjoy.

Choosing an Apple product

The world really is gripped by Apple mania. First it was the Apple Mac, followed by the ipod, then the iphone, ipad and, most recently, the ipad mini. It seems that consumers just can’t get enough of the cutting edge technology, sleek packaging and addictive gadgets that are essential features of the Apple brand. But how do you choose which one is right for you?


Whether you need a laptop for business, an ipod for music or an ipad for the online casino game applications – you won’t be disappointed. Check out the graph below to find out which Apple product is hottest right now. Then, go into one of their funky stores, talk to the helpful staff and walk out of there with a purchase you’re happy with.