It is estimated that we only use some 10% of our consumer electronics’ capability. Currently, devices such as iPhones and Android have become extremely
popular. However, most users can concur that iOS devices offer a lot more hidden and interesting features under its polished surface.
These are the top things you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone to exploit: 

1. Play online casino
With millions and millions of people owning mobile devices that have web capabilities, mobile casino gambling’s popularity has increased. For iPhone users,
there is no shortage of these games to choose from. Arguably, iPhone is currently the most popular mobile device. This is why most mobile casinos have
ensured compatibility with most iPhone versions such as casinotips that we recommend you to check if you want more information on online casinos and are new to the industry. For the experts out there, visit and get the most of slot machines!

2. Track your previous movements
Your iPhone has the capability to show you all the places you have been. Simply follow these steps:
•Location services
•System services
•Scroll down then select Frequent locations

3. Turn your ebooks into audio books
The Speak screen feature can read aloud any text display on the screen when you command it. Simply use two fingers to swipe down from the screen top.
Originally, it was designed for the seeing impaired. To activate it, simply go to:
•Finally, activate speech screen

4. The 3D touch
This hidden feature is mostly available in most recent models such as the 2015 and 2016 models. By using the 3D touch, you can get more done in a very short
time. Press down on the notifications/app icon for you to see some shortcut lists to use. Features such as replying to an iMessage is available even when your
icon is locked. 

5. Record Phone calls
Recording a phone call can be a great idea to many users. TapeACall app is an application that you can use to record either calls you are on, or about to make.
You can subscribe it annually for $7.99. Simply follow these steps:
•Open the app
•Tap the big red button
•Tap add call
•Select/dial a number from your contacts
•When you are done with your call, hang up. Your recording will automatically download from this app’s servers

6. Find battery draining apps
Simply go to settings then battery: this will automatically show you the battery draining apps on your device.

7. Save battery
At times you just need to run the basic features on your phone because you are running low on power. Simply go to:

8. Recover your lost phone
iPhones have the Find My iPhone feature that enables you easily locate your lost device. You can track your iPhone on a map using this feature. To activate it,
go to:
•Apple ID

9. Use your earphones to launch the music app
If you have a habit of listening to music on a daily basis, the music app will automatically launch when your earphones are plugged in.

10. Shake your phone to undo typing
At times you can mess up while typing, want to delete a text, or you accidentally delete a text you were writing. Simply shake your phone to activate the “Undo
Typing” option.

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